Pizza Peel – Ironwood Gourmet Acacia Wood

Pizza Peel – Ironwood Gourmet Acacia Wood

ironwood-gourmetBeauty is not important when it comes to choosing a pizza peel, however its really wonderful when perfect functionality comes together with a beautiful and display worthy kitchen tool. This is exactly what you get with the Ironwood Gourmet acacia wood pizza peel. The natural beauty of the acacia wood pattern is stunning when hung on the metal grommet on your kitchen wall or when sharing pizza photos.

The Ironwood Gourmet pizza peel is the ideal size pizza peel for those looking for a compact size peel and using a standard sized (14″ or smaller) pizza stone. This peel will allow you to stretch your dough up to 12.5″ in diameter. The compact handle and size means it doesn’t take up as much room as larger pizza peels.

Unwrapping Your Pizza Peel

This may or may not be the case with all of Ironwood Gourmet acacia wood pizza peels but ours, from Amazon, was slightly tacky on the surface from the liberal amount of oil used. If this is the case with yours you need to do one of these two steps before using your peel otherwise the pizza won’t slide off very easily. Option one: the quickest method is to give the peel a light sanding with a fine grit sanding block. There will be some oil buildup on the sanding block but this can be removed by warm water and squeezing it. Option two is to let it sit out of the package for a few days in the open air allowing the oil to further soak into the wood and dry.

Pizza Peel Care

A few tips in caring for your pizza peel means it will last you a very long time without warping, cracking or splintering. These tips can be used for all natural wood pizza peels and not just the one mentioned above.

For Oil Treated Pizza Peel

The Ironwood Gourmet pizza peel comes pre treated with oil, such as mineral oil, which is really great for the home cook or just starting out with a pizza peel. The soaked in oil helps preserve the pizza peel while making it resistant to absorbing moisture. If you get food on your pizza peel you will be able to wipe it down with a lightly damp sponge or cloth. However as with all real wood products the less exposure to water the best. Always dry with a towel after.

If you get any rough places you can sand them down with a fine grit sanding block. Mineral oil or cutting board oil should be reapplied every few months in a light coating with a cotton cloth and let dry for 24 hours. The idea is to rub a very light coating into the wood but none extra as you don’t want it to be oily.

Final Thoughts

We are really excited to have this piece as part of our arsenal of tools. It will be great for  making personal 11″ pizzas at parties and makes a beautiful peel to hang on the wall in your kitchen.


Disclaimer: This item was purchased in full by The Home Pizzeria from Amazon and was not provided by Ironwood Gourmet for review. We recommend this item based on the merits of this product we received along with the outstanding rating it has on Amazon. Our goal is to only suggest kitchen tools to our users we trust to provide them with years of use as we expect the same when making purchases.

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