Pizza Dough Roller / Docker

Pizza Dough Roller / Docker

What is a Dough Docker?

A dough docker, or often referred to by various combinations of the words: pizza dough roller docker, is a kitchen utensil that resembles a spiked rolling pin with one handle. The spiked roller is designed to roll over a flattened dough pricking the surface with evenly spaced holes or punctures to prevent any area of the dough from over rising and causing those large air pocket that tend to burn.

Do I Need A Dough Docker?

In pizza making a dough docker is a device used for creating spaced out dimples on a dough which has been sheeted, or in the case of the homemade pizza one that you have rolled out with a rolling pin to a very thin thickness. The uniform tiny dimples created by a dough docker prevent the dough from inflating when heated creating a large air pocket when baked.

These large pockets happen with very thin dough is cooked on a hot surface; the moisture in the dough is quickly turned into steam which expands and creates large air pockets. While generally used in the commercial / restaurant setting due to the need for speed, efficiency and repeatability a dough docker can add a professional look to your homemade pies as well as ensuring no slice has one of those large burned dough bubbles. If you are making flatbread pizzas on a baking stone it is highly suggest you use a dough docker.

 Which Dough Docker should I buy?

There are a few brands of dough dockers available and ranging in size and cost. Our two prefered brands are Winco and Ateco. Winco makes a more industrial model but still perfect for the home cook and comes in two sizes,  a 5″ full size and a 2.75″ half size, with the larger one pictured here. The Ateco 5″ wide dough docker is a more economy version if cost is a concern.


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