Individual Pizza Dough Proofing Containers

Individual Pizza Dough Proofing Containers

The perfect size container for proofing your dough can be really helpful as well as save space in your refrigerator when making multiple pizzas. I have experimented with different containers for proofing and found the inexpensive BPA free food storage containers to be an ideal solution. The round 48 ounce size is ideal such as the Glad Big Bowl. They are just the right size to proof  one dough in each which eliminates the possibility of dough sticking together if proofed; such as when proofed in a large square container. The BPA free plastic is more resistant to the dough sticking to it than stainless steel as well. Best of all when you are not using them they all stack together in a neat compact size for storage.

When proofing dough in any container that is sealed you need a place for the buildup of air pressure from the rising dough to escape. One modification that needs to be made is a very small pinhole in the top in a location that will not be sealed off when a container is stacked on top of it. This pin hole will allow air to pass as the dough rises preventing the lids from popping off and this allowing enough air exchange to dry out the dough. This can easily be create by using a standard sewing needle with a pair of needle nose plyers and heating the sharp end of the needle. Once hot the needle should slide right through the plastic with only a slight amount of pressure.


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