American Metalcraft 20″ Rocker Pizza Knife Review

American Metalcraft 20″ Rocker Pizza Knife Review

Aside from beautiful pizzas coming out of your oven into your guests mouth; few things will impress and make you feel like a pizza boss as much as this American Metalcraft 20″ rocker pizza knife. It’s big, it’s sharp and it’s so shiny. Not convinced yet? Continue on.

During a previous pizza party I had a guest ask me if I needed them to buy me a pizza wheel as I was cutting pizza with my chef knife; as per usual. So I purchased this right before the next pizza party so as to squash any conversation about how I need a pizza wheel, which for the record I am not a fan of at any size. It turned out that this blade that was purchased as a conversation piece was actually really awesome just for everyday pizza making.

The blade is sharp and with very little pressure cuts a clean cut through any toppings and even the crust. The best part is the snap of the crispy crust as the stainless steel blade cuts it cleanly. rocker-pizza-cutter american-metalcraft-rocker-pizza-cutter

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