Pizza Dough

With different offerings of uncooked pizza dough and precooked crusts sold at many groceries you may wonder what gains will be made in making your own dough and is it worth the effort? Now if you could care less about taste and texture, not to mention what’s in the dough then go ahead and use those consumer grade, tasteless crusts that would be better used as a frisbee! For the rest of us who have taste buds that need to be satisfied fresh made dough is the only way.

Dough really is simple and basic and like a good wine it gets better with time. Now if you have used premade crusts then forgiveness will be granted and we will all forget about that period in your life, you are now here to learn which is what counts and your patience and effort will be rewarded with perfectly flavorful pizza dough. Although I would have to warn you, be cautious of who you make pizza for because they will always want more and they tell others and before you know it hoards of people will be lined up at your door.

To be completely honest it is impossible for manufactures to create the flavors that your fresh dough will have. For starters uncooked dough that has been packaged in convenient cardboard rolls can’t contain yeast, which is responsible for so much of the texture and flavor, because they would eventually bust open the packaging. They use chemical leavening which should only be used for baked goods that have a flavor able to mask the taste it leaves behind such as cookies and cakes. The pre-baked crusts have simply just sit in packages for way too long, contain preservatives that affect the taste of the delicately flavored crust and above all were baked previously so they never really become one with the sauce, cheese and toppings.

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