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Dough looks like its pulling apart

Make Pizza At Home Forums Basic Help on Making Pizza Dough looks like its pulling apart

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    Hi, I have made my first attempt at making pizza dough and the dough isn’t smooth on the surface when it starts to rise and doesn’t stretch with out tearing. When the dough starts rising it quickly starts forming small cut looking marks on the surface. Did I do something wrong?

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    Brian Y.

    A few things could cause this. First if you didn’t use a scale to weigh your ingredients you may have simply needed more flour especially if the dough was wet and sticky.

    It could also be due to the breakdown of gluten from over kneading, generally happening after 15 minutes or more in a stand mixer, or over fermenting. If the room temperature where the dough is proofing is really warm, say 85°F or above, the dough will ferment and rise really quickly. The yeast are essentially working at double the speed consuming sugar as well as multiplying. If you have a warm environment like that the proofing will probably take less than an hour, or when its just over doubled in size.

    One other possibility is using bleached flour. The bleaching process damages the gluten. Bleached flour really can’t be used for making pizza successfully.

    Several years ago I had a pizza party on my birthday, it was 95°F outside and made the dough a bit too early getting prepared and all. By the time it came around to cook the dough it was very difficult to form due to it tearing easily. They all had those tear marks on the top of the dough like it is ripping under the pressure of the dough rising.

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    I didn’t use a scale but I might have let it rise too long, i’ll have to try again.

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    Brian Y.

    Check out the article on retarding dough. You can make it ahead of time and take it out of the refrigerator 60-120 minutes before you are ready to use it.


    If you have anymore questions or issues let me know. Its a learning process!

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