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Ask anyone what their favorite foods are and you will hear pizza at the top of almost everyone’s list. Created by the Greeks, claimed by the Italians and brought to the masses by Americans pizza can be a healthy and gourmet food. Sadly, many places pizza is a soggy, fat-laden dough topped with subpar processed cheese and ingredients.

There is no reason why we have to settle for this! With the knowledge I have gained over the last decade of making my own pizza I can guide you through the process of making delicious, healthy pizza right in your own home.

The benefits of making your own pizza are endless. Cooking at home allows you to control what ingredients go into the pizza. This allows you to make healthier choices in the kitchen, leading to a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Most ingredients in my recipes are readily available at your local grocery store, Whole Foods Market or Trader Joes.

Once you have perfected the art of pizza-making, you will also have a valuable skill that can be used to impress your friends and family by hosting your very own pizza dinner party! Pizza allows for an endless combination of flavors and toppings, making it the perfect go-to party food. For the fruit lover, try the Raspberry & Brie Pizza. Or for the men of the party, they are sure to love the Bacon and Smoked Gouda Pizza. With homemade pizzas, it is finally possible to make something that will please everyone’s palate.

Easy Pizza Recipes

Pizza Dough Recipes

New York Style Pizza Dough Recipe

A New York Style pizza dough is characterized by a light and thin crust with slight toughness or pull to the bite. The perfect New York crust has very airy pockets and folds in half without cracking.

Neapolitan Style Pizza Dough Recipe

A traditional pizza napoletana (Specialità Tradizionale Garantita, STG) is baked at 905°F oak fired oven for just over a minute. The lack of sugar and low fat of the dough yields a light, crispy and tender crust that makes the toppings center stage. This dough recipe and instructions gets a pie that is as close as one can get from a home oven.

Pan Pizza Dough Recipe

A classic pan pizza dough that will turn out fantastic in any home oven and is suitable for any topping combination. If you are new to making pizza at home this is a great place to start.

Flat Bread Pizza Dough

A flat bread dough yields a crispy and ultra thin crust. The ideal crust for gourmet pizzas that creates complex flavors using unique ingredients and special preparations to bring out the varied flavors of each ingredient.

Chicago Deep Dish Dough

A Chicago deep dish crust is characterized by high walls and a thicker crust that is cooked in a pan. The crust which contains a cornmeal and a high amount of fat, either butter or olive oil, should be very flavorful but not greasy. The final crust is flavorful, moist and most importantly fully cooked with hearty toppings, quality cheese and a rich, fresh tomato sauce on top.


Pizza Sauces Recipes

Simple Tomato Pizza Sauce

A basic tomato sauce that can be made in less than thirty minutes with basic ingredients and canned tomatoes. A fresh, clean taste that is perfect for many recipes.

San Marzano Tomato Pizza Sauce Recipe

San Marzano tomatoes are an Italian heirloom variety of plum tomatoes. Compared to roma tomatoes San Marzano have fewer seeds, more meaty texture, and thinner shape; often with a point at the bottom. Flavor wise they are also sweeter and less acidic. The thicker juice, meaty inside and lower acid makes them ideal for creating an uncooked sauce.



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